1 x 1/4" Stereo JackHeadphone, R ≥ 16 Ohm, unbalanced
Channel selection via radio button
Mute for outputs
Status 48V phantom power for Mic-Ins
Level display per channel(green = signal, red = clipping)
Gain level displayLevel of selected input or output channel
Control dial for gain level
Network (PC audio & control interface)2 x RJ45 10/100/1000BaseT, managed switch, simultaneous and synchronous transport of
- 8 x AD- (or 6 x AD and 2 x SPDIF-In)
- 2 x DA-channels + 2 SPDIF-Out
- control data
Power SupplyDC-Plug 17...27 V DC / 20 W max., supplied by external mains power supply. Euro and US Jack available
D-SUB-25 TASCAM8 x Line input, all balanced
Digital output1 x S/PDIF Cinch (transformer coupled, 75R, AES/EBU compatible)
Digital input1 x S/PDIF Cinch (transformer coupled, 75R, AES/EBU compatible)
Analog input4 x Female XLR/TRS Combo (4 x Mic/Line)
Analog output2 x 1/4" TRS, balanced, DC-coupled signal path

The X.8 GUI is set up like a typical graphic user interface for controlling external sound cards.  It consists of the following elements:
• Settings for input and output gains with slide controls for individual
  channels and the corresponding level displays.
• A number of individual configuration switches.
• A menu with additional functions.
• A status display along the bottom shows information on the GUI version
  and the X.8 service as well as on the hardware and firmware of any
  device connected.

You can find more details in our data sheet.