Rack Mount Set

For mounting an AUBION X.8 into a 19" rack

Mounting set incl. screws and tool

50,00 EUR excl. delivery costs


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Rack Tray 19"

19"/1U rack adapter with numerous holes in the base plate to fit AUBION X.8

Available at

10,50 EUR excl. shipping costs


Additional information:
- AUBION X.8 beginning with a S/N 12-... are prepared for mouting into the rack tray. Earlier S/N 11-... devices do NOT mate.
- After mounting an AUBION X.8 into a rack tray the overall height increases to 1.81" instead of the height of 1.75" of a single device.
- For mounting there are needed two screws M3 with a max. thread length of 5.0 mm for each AUBION X.8 .

  • Aubion Showcase
  • Aubion Showcase
  • Aubion Showcase